Classes are offered at the Parks and Rec Center 1200 N Salisbury St, West Lafayette, IN 47906.

TO SIGN UP  for predesigned group classes please contact the West Lafayette Parks and Rec Department at 765-775-5120 or click here  Sign Up Info

If your interested in private lessons, private group lessons please contact Allen Nugent or Jessica Nugent at 765-807-6407 or email .

Class Information

Start dates for upcoming West Lafayette Parks and Rec sessions 5 Weeks

​       2020 January 14th  Beginner  7pm and Intermediate 8pm classes begin session 1

       2020 February 18th Beginner 7pm and Intermediate  8pm classes Begin session 2

       2020 April 2nd Beginner  7pm and Intermediate  8pm classes begin Session 3

       2020 January  16th  Advanced  7pm classes start session 1

       2019 February 20th Advanced  7pm classes start session 2

       2019 April 4  Advanced   7pm classes start session 3

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